Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tony Foss Flowers

Tony Foss is one of Oklahoma’s finest florist who has been designing dazzling bouquets and floral arrangements for over 22 years. Tony Foss brings a unique style to all his creations using an ikebana approach and incorporating tropical flowers.  

Now I’m sure you are all wondering what ikebana is –and don’t worry the first time ikebana was mentioned I had no idea what it was either. To put things simply, ikebana is the art of Japanese flower arrangements with formal display following strict rules that allows a single flower to be able to say everything you need it to say. Ikebana is a unique way of designing flowers and Tony is the only florist in the metro area to use ikebana designs!

Tony is also widely known for his use of tropical flowers such as A Bird Of Paradise and Orchids. These beautiful flowers pictured below, are native to places like South Africa, South America and South- East Asia and are in bloom from early September to late May. This flower gets its name because of its shape, the flowers resemble a brightly colored bird in flight.

“I like to incorporate a bird of paradise into my designs because it adds color and excitement to any arrangement,” says Tony Foss.

Tony has also been known for his extreme bouquets- one was a record breaking 15 feet long! 

"I always ask the brides to show me a picture of their dress," says Tony Foss, "I look at the center of the dress to get an idea for how to  bouquet should look. The long draping bouquets won't look good with the flow of the mermaid dresses. It would be too much and distract from the dress." 

This florist is in high demand often creating beautiful centerpieces and bouquets for up to six weddings in one weekend! While Foss stays busy he never lacks attention to details and leaves every bride happy and satisfied on the day of the dreams. Tony Foss likes to be booked at least six to nine months in advance for all of his events.

For more information on this fabulous florist be sure to check out these links:

 Tony Foss owner of Tony Foss Flowers

 A few exotic flowers with birds of paradise in the center along with ginger flowers
 Tony gearing up for a normal wedding weekend
 A few of Tony's workers prepping roses
View of flowers in Tony's shop
Tony Foss Flowers Store Front

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