Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mishelle Handy Cakes

Mishelle Handy is a talented baker who works out Edmond, Oklahoma. Her unique hand made buttercream icing along with her creative designs is what sets her apart from the rest.  This long time Edmond local and mother of two didn’t start designing cakes until she was 27! Since then she has grown as a baker and designer to produce dazzling and delightful cakes to fit any bride’s dream.
Mishelle only takes brides by appointments and prefers to work with brides one on one. She only takes a limited number of clients in order to be able to work more closely with her clients. She is currently in the process of moving and updating her store which is to be located in Edmond. 
"I like to be booked in advance but if I have a last minute bride and I can make it work I will," says Mishelle Handy.
Mishelle talents extend to more than just cakes. She is able to create delectable cupcakes and other sweet treats for the brides looking to go a different direction that a tiered wedding cake.
For more information on the talented Mishelle Handy please check out her website and media.


Mishelle Handys Store Front
 A few of Mishelle Handy's Cakes

A closer look at one of Mishelle Handy's cakes

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dress Shopping 101

You have the man, you have the ring, and now you need the perfect dress. Dress shopping is a wonderful experience that you will want to share with your closest friends and family; however, keep in mind that the bigger the bridal shopping party the easier it is to lose sight of what you want. It often seems that when the bride brings a large entourage her voice and opinions get lost in those of her family and friends. This is the dress you will wear on one of the biggest days of your life! Don’t let the dress shopping experience become a stressful mess you can’t enjoy! Here are a few tips we recommend to make your dress shopping experience one to remember!
Tip #1: Limit Who You Bring
 We suggest you bring your Mother, the maid of honor, maybe a bridesmaid or two but keep your bridal party small! It is already going to be an emotional day and there is no need to overwhelm yourself by bringing everyone. The people you bring should support you and your vision for your day, not the vision they have for your day. Those with differing opinions can sit on the bench at home! Less people means less drama! 
Tip #2: Make An Appointment
 Most bridal stores accept walk-ins however it is preferred you make an appointment. Appointments mean that they are 100% fully focused on you and helping you find your dream dress! We also recommend that you schedule an appointment during the week as there will be less distractions throughout the store and the possibility to shop longer.
Tip #4: When Money Matters
Before scheduling your appointment at any bridal salon you should have at least an idea at either the names of the designers you prefer or possibly the style of the dress. While on the phone with the attendant you should list your dress budget to make sure that that particular salon can accommodate your budget. Dresses can range anywhere from the famous $99 sale at David's Bridal to $10,000+ for a customer designer gown. Don't set yourself up to be disappointed or to fall in love with a dress you can't afford. Always have the money conversation up front.
Tip #3: Bridal Stores Galore
 It is okay to shop at several different bridal stores before you find your dress that you’ve always dreamed of. There are many great bridal stores in Oklahoma, we’ve even blogged about a few of our favorites! For those brides that live in or close to the metro city area we encourage you to check out J.J. Kelly’s, Moliere’s, the Bridal Boutique in Norman, and Beloved Bridal. For those brides that don’t live in the metro area we encourage you to look at the Bridal Shop in Enid and Facchianos in Tulsa.