Tuesday, June 3, 2014

2014 Wedding Trend Of The Year

The Great Gatsby has been the theme for several parties and events over the years so it’s no surprise that this theme has made its way into the wedding world. The vintage style of this era brings elaborate and over the top ideas laced with gold details. This roaring twenties era was about the glitz, glam, and romance and now this dazzling decade is what’s inspiring the twist on the classic black and white wedding. 
Gold hints are now appearing everywhere as gorgeous embellishments on the dress, in the decorations, and even in the cakes! This touch of gold adds a touch of sophistication to any wedding.
All of our lovely venders agree that 2014 is the year of the gold!
“We are just now starting to come out of the recession so people are starting to spend a little more and be a little more flashy. Gold is the perfect way to show this off,” says Mishelle Handy.

The two cake pictures below are from the talented Mishelle Handy. Also featured are a few of our favorite examples of this classic touch of gold!  
 Gold cake designed by Mishelle Handy
 Another beautifully designed cake from Mishelle Handy
Gold details mixed with a bright  mint color 

 Dress with gold detail by Lazaro 

Gold shoe from Jimmy Choo

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