Monday, February 27, 2012

Big Guest List or Lots of Details?

Big Guest List or Lots of Details?

Not every bride can have a Kardashian wedding, but there is a way to make it look as if you spent a million dollars, well maybe not actually a million......but you get my point. Narrowing down your guest list is the first and biggest step. If your guest list starts at 250 and your able to trim it down to 125 you can now choose to have a seated and served dinner instead of a buffet, or if you like the idea of a buffet then maybe you could add in a cocktail hour either before the wedding or immediately following while you are taking pictures. It will also allow you to have bigger centerpieces, lounge furniture, more lighting, possibly a band instead of just a DJ, nicer favors for your guests and a very full and lively dance floor. Normally the 250 guests will thin out to just about 100 right after the is cake cut, and those last 100 that stay around are usually your close friends and family anyway. As the bride, you always have the final say on what your wedding day vision turns out to be, but in my opinion it's all about the details and sharing your day with those that mean the most to you.

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